Evidence and Case Studies

Evidence committee

Chair: Sherry Coutu CBE, Scaleup Institute

The Evidence Committee members are Tera Allas, Tina Baker, Cathy Garner, Thomas Hoegh, Professor Daniel Isenberg, Tamara Rajah, Professor Peter Tufano.

Tera Allas

Visiting Fellow at McKinsey Global Institute
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Tina Baker

Partner, Withers Tech
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Sherry Coutu CBE

Author of the Scale-up Report and Chair of the Scaleup Institute
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Cathy Garner

Non-Executive Director, various

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Thomas Hoegh

Investor and Entrepreneur
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Professor Daniel Isenberg

Professor of Entrepreneurship Practice, Babson Executive and Enterprise Education
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Tamara Rajah

Founder and CEO of Live Better With
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Professor Peter Tufano

Peter Moores Dean & Professor of Finance at Saïd Business School, Oxford University
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Applying a rigorous and transparent academic approach to its evaluation, the Evidence Committee holds open calls for case studies to be submitted about programmes that have significant impact on scaleups. For the Scale-Up Report of 2014, this group analysed several hundred case studies and endorsed 29 of them: these are listed below. A further review of programme exemplars is being conducted in 2016 and the Evidence Committee will be calling for applications to be submitted.

The Evidence Committee will report on the number of of scaleup companies as a proportion of the business population (by UK LEP and devolved region) with a view to publishing results on a yearly basis and assess this against the five year plan.

The Evidence Committee members are Thomas Hoegh, Reid Hoffman, Martha Lane-Fox, Tamara Rajah, Linda Rottenberg, Professor Peter Tufano, Tera Allas, Caroline Daniel, Anders Hoffman and Professor Dan Isenberg.


The current leading programmes endorsed by the Evidence Committee

Responses to consultations

The Scale-Up Institute works with policy makers to identify opportunities that will further support scaling businesses. It sets out the economic case and actions required to make Britain brilliant at scale-ups, and responds to calls for evidence and consultations

UK Digital Strategy: request for submissions

Our response to the request for submissions from Digital Economy Minister, Ed Vaizey MP. It is essential that the Government’s new Digital Strategy takes account of the needs of scale-up businesses
Full response (PDF)


Better Use of Data: consultation paper

Our response to the Cabinet Office Better Use of Data consultation paper. It is encouraging that the Government is determined to take forward further work in using data in even more effective ways.
Full response (PDF)

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